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4 Best Smart Watches to Consider Right Now

Image from Pixabay
Image from Pixabay

This year is turning out to be a great year for the wearable. Every huge brand in the segment is considering the smart watch market. Since the genre is very much new in the market surely there is a lot to look forward to. All the big players in the market are offering some of great watches and it is very difficult to decide which one to pick. The difference between the major brands is those fine little margins.
The very first thing you need to decide is what exactly you are looking for. Looking for a stylish design or something which has some nasty fitness-tracking abilities. It seems that we have got you covered in all fronts. The other brands which are not on the list might also fit in well, however, we could only have four.

List of 4 best smart watches:

1. Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch

Its an easy one to recommend because it ticks all the boxes of the current smart watches category. It is fast, good looking and of course it has a good battery. It offers a lot of modern-day features such as LTE calling, Bluetooth speaker and all other fitness tracking sensors that you might have googled. The battery life baffled me completely as it lasted for 2 days in the 42 mm variant and 3 days in the 46 mm variant. Overall it is a thing of beauty which is class apart.

2. Apple Watch Series 4 Smart Watch

This new rectangular series of Apple watches is already a darling of smart watches. The bezels are trimmed up which has added an extra 30% extra screen and boy, this looks amazing.  The display is eye catching for a wearable device and the effort that is made to make it a comfortable is commendable. The battery life has increased, so has the processor. It makes the older version of the Apple watches ancient. The overall performance is simply awesome.

3.  Garmin Vivoactive 3

If you aren’t a “lifestyle’ gadget enthusiast than probably. You haven’t heard about the Garmin. Those who do, they know how good the Garmin is for wearables. This band is renowned for its sporty wearables that have very accurate GPS capabilities.
The Garmin Vivoactive3 isn’t like bulky sports watch, it is more like that classy regular smartwatch but it will blow you away with its amazing fitness tracking abilities in a very sleek looking body. The battery hasn’t disappointed us at all and the design of the watch is spot on. How-ever this isn’t an android smartwatch but the apps availability is enough for a watch. It is worth considering because of the good-looking design and accurate fitness tracking.

4. Huawei Watch GT

It was a lot of fight for the fourth position. This time the Huawei gets a notch, just a slight one. The design of the watch is very refreshing since it looks like a classic smart watch. Huawei GT Watch is a Smart watches that will complement you and your phone well. The focus is well on the looks and the fitness tracking. It boasts a 2-week battery life with a mixed usage with 90 minutes of fitness tracking. It also has 5ATM water resistance. The operating system is smooth and is very unique to use, which makes life wuick and easy.

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