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Top 5 Mobile Phone Companies with Best Data Security

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Technological advancements have redefined expectations. There’s no denying that. Who would have thought that mankind would end up communicating with machines one day? We’re living in the age of robots, artificial intelligence, and digital development.  

However, the increased reliance on the internet and technology has caused new threats to emerge. Computer criminals are introducing new types of viruses and malware to infiltrate systems and networks. Whether you are a cellphone manufacturer or a small business, you cannot afford to ignore data breaches.  

The real question is, how many of us know the privacy features of smartphones in our hands? Before we go into details about the smartphone with the best data security, let’s discuss another important thing.  

Why Digital Security Is Important?  

The importance of online security cannot be overstated in an age defined by smartphones and other smart devices. With the world gone online, cybersecurity threats have increased. The last two years have seen a record increase in cybersecurity attacks. Digital security is important because it protects users from computer criminals.  

Using the internet without taking into account security checks can lead to harmful consequences. Users that do not consider data security are more likely to get their information stolen by hackers. It is advisable to protect yourself from identity theft and fraud by conforming to your local data privacy laws. The key is to remain vigilant when accessing websites.  

Which Smartphone Companies Provide the Best Security Features?  

It should be noted that the companies we are about to discuss aren’t your mainstream mobile phone manufacturers. You may have heard about these companies. These brands focus on data security and privacy. Their unique selling proposition lies in their ability to provide great security features. That said, these are the mobile phone companies with the best data security:  

1. Purism 

Purism has been in the computer technology business since 2014. The social purpose corporation has its headquarters in San Fransisco. The company launched its first smartphone, the Purism Librem 5, in 2017. Librem 5 is a crowdfunded project. Purism released the first batch for commercial use in 2019.  

The phone runs PureOS, which is a Linux operating system that focuses on user privacy. It has a built-in free and open-source software (FOSS). That means users cannot access Google Play Store or any other mainstream app store.  

Other features include Bluetooth and Wi-Fi adapters, kill switches, a camera, and 32GB internal storage. The phone is for users who want privacy and security features. Also, the company has announced it will update Purism Librem 5 for years to come.  

2. Apple  

Apple is the only mainstream company on the list. Their smartphones are considered to be security-friendly than Android devices. The new iPhone 13 is a good example. Apple encourages the user to benefit from its vast ecosystem of smart devices. Though that does not take anything from the fact that Apple still gathers user data to improve its products. 

3. Fairphone 

Fairphone is another privacy-focused smartphone. This Android phone has supply chain and repairability listed as its key features. Fairphone is one of the more sustainable phones on this list. It is paired with the Fairphone OS, which is a customized Android 9.  

If you want, you can install alternative operating systems on Fairphone 3. The makers launched it in 2019. That means users have to wait for some time to get third-party updates on Fairphone 3. Fairphone 2, on the other hand, comes with Ubuntu Touch ports as well as LineageOS.  

Other features include 64GB ROM, 4GM RAM, and a Snapdragon 632 processor. The phone uses a USB-C type charger and has dual SIM options. What’s more, there is a 12MP primary camera and an 8MP front camera for great selfies.  

4. Pine64  

Pine64 is the company behind the famed PinePhone. The smartphone was introduced as an alternative to Purism Librem 5. However, PinePhone differs from Librem 5 when it comes to security and privacy. Instead, it is powered by an open-source operating system.  

The best thing about PinePhone is that it can run different Linux operating systems. It comes with 2GB RAM, 16GM ROM, 5MP primary and 3MP secondary camera, as well as an A64 quad-core system-on-a-chip (SoC).  

5. Sirin Labs  

Sirin Labs are the manufacturers of Sirin V3. The smartphone boasts a multi-layered cybersecurity suite. It comes with machine learning software for enhanced cyber security. Other security features include a dual-persona solution. Sirin V3 allows users to install from Google Play Store. However, the installation is only meant for personal use.  

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