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How to check the originality of the smartphone?

check the originality of the smartphone

In case you are planning to buy a smartphone whether it is new or refurbished it is highly recommended that you check the originality of the phone before buying one. The government has made it easy for the buyers to find out if the phone that you are buying is a stolen one or not. Anyone can check the originality of the smartphone.

Also, you will be able to check if the device is genuine or not. You can find a newly launched platform known as Central Equipment Identity Register which will check the IMEI number of the phone; so that the buyers get proper advice whether it is suitable for them to buy the phone or not. The IMEI check is very crucial. Here we will guide you how to use the tool. 

Need to have the IMEI number

It is mandatory for all mobile phones to have a 15-digit IMEI number. It is illegal for someone to sell a smartphone that will not have a valid IMEI number. IMEI is the code to check original phone. To find out the number you need to dial *#06# from the same phone. All the authentic phones must have a response to the code *#06#. In case there is no response, then be aware that the device is sold illegally in India. 

Users do not have to first purchase the phone for its IMEI number. You can simply find the number on the purchase invoice or on the bill, sometimes on the sticker which is on the back of many new phones or on the packing box. You do not have to purchase it first. And in case someone is feeling hesitated to provide you the IMEI number then it will be better for you to avoid burning the phone. 

Visit the Central Equipment Identity Register

You can go to the website of the Central Equipment Identity Register and opt for visiting the webpage of the device verification. This will help you to check whether the IMEI number is valid or a blocked one. Do not opt to buy the phone that does not have a valid IMEI number or a phone that has blocked IMEI number. These kinds of phones are mostly stolen. You are also required to provide your own mobile number and verify with the One Time Password to use this tool. 

Avoid these three types of IMEI status

Always try to avoid purchasing the mobile if the status shown in the mobile is duplicate, black-listed or already in use. This rule is as per the Central Equipment Identity Register website. And if you find that the status is showing- IMEI is valid, then consider the phone to be good to buy. 

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