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How to enable fingerprint lock on WhatsApp?


Whatsapp is one of the most popular applications used by mobile users. However, you can also access whatsapp on web through its web version now but is mostly used on mobile phone. It has been so common among people. Iphone users can download it from itunes as android users can download it from Playstore. Due to its popularity was bought by Facebook Inc. for USD $19 billion. It was launched in 2009; 11 years ago and the current whatsapp version has more than 5 Billion downloads on Playstore to date. It also has WhatsApp Business version with 100 Million plus downloads on playstore. So, we can imagine its popularity among mobile phone users. WhatsApp comes with new features time to time. Now, you even make payment from WhatsApp. Here, in this article we will be discussing one of the recent feature of WhatsApp which allow users to enable fingerprint lock. This makes your WhatsApp more secure and private because no one else will be able to open your phone which out your permission.

Followings are the steps with screenshots to enable fingerprint on WhatsApp:

Step 1:
Open your WhatsApp and click on (the three dot icon) and click on “Settings”.


Step 2:

Next, click on “Account”.

Whatsapp Screenshot

Step 3:

Click on “Privacy”

Whatsapp Screenshot

Step 4:

Click on “Fingerprint lock” option present at the bottom.

Whatsapp Privacy Screenshot

Step 5:

Enable the fingerprint from the Enable/Disable option.

Whatsapp fingerprint lock

Step 6:

Add your fingerprint.

Whatsapp fingerprint lock

Step 7:

Set the timing to enable this option. As shown in the screenshot, You will be given three options out of which you have to choose one.

Whatsapp fingerprint lock

Step 8:

Your job is done and your WhatsApp is locked with fingerprint lock.

Whatsapp fingerprint lock

Thanks for reading the article. Hope it helped you.

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