“Marshall and Millions” Why they have gone viral?


Marshal and Millions were two American Staffordshire Terrier dogs those were fatally shot down after being accused of being “out of control.” Dogs are known as one of the most loyal companions in the animal kingdom. Dogs always stand for their owners. They do put their life in danger whenever their owner is unsafe. Let’s come to topic and discuss about Marshall and Millions. Google search is full of Marshal and Millions queries because people are existed to know about this incident. Millions and Marshall were killed in early Month of Monday by Police on a complaint of a woman who claimed that she was attached by one of these two dogs. However, eyewitness has refused the allegations by the women later.
Petitions for the “Justice for Marshall and Millions” have been went viral on internet and has been signed by millions of people on single platform Now, lets proceed with the article and discuss about the incident in detail.

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Why were Marshall and Millions shot?

The incident took place in London, UK where these two dogs Marshall and Millions used to live and they were shot on Sunday, May 7 after Metropolitan Police officers were called to reports of a woman being attacked by a dog, although witnesses say that wasn’t true. Louie Turnbull was the owner of these pets and he was banned from keeping dogs after this incident.

According to witnesses, the woman accidentally got entangled in the leashes of the dogs and was never in any actual danger. Later, when the woman reported the incident to the police, Louie asserted that the officers unnecessarily brandished their weapons in an attempt to intimidate him and the dogs.

Louie emphasized that Marshall and Millions were merely being protective and that he had them on a leash, ensuring they posed no threat to anyone. Despite his efforts to cooperate by taking the dogs back to the boat and engaging with the police, they opted to use lethal force against the canines.

To compound the situation further, Louie Turnball was subsequently tasered and arrested.

Consequences  of Marshall and Millions Shooting

The video of the dogs being shot went viral on the internet, causing a strong reaction on social media. Many people from different countries expressed their sorrow and anger about the incident, bringing the topic of police brutality to the forefront.

Campaigners are expressing their anger, stating that the Marshall and Millions did not require shooting, resulting in a significant outpouring of emotion.

Pic Credit: “Guy Smallman” Getty Images

In London, protesters led by Animal Rising, a British animal activist movement, took to the streets. A vigil was held to pay tribute to the Marshall and Millions that were tragically killed. During the vigil, Louie, emotionally affected by the event, addressed the crowd and shared how the incident had affected his sleep and well-being.

Supporters on social media showed their support for the sad dog owner. They shared Marshall and Millions’ story on social medial platforms and talked about their love for their own pets. They were also upset with how the police behaved in that situation.

Till date, the case is under investigation and we can not say anything more about this. So, let’s hope for the best and justice will be done as usual.

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