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New Features of Apple’s iOS14

In case you want to know whether iOS 14 will run on your iPhone or not, you definitely need to check out the new features of iOS 14.
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Apple has conquered the digital market in the best possible way. Apple is anyone and everyone’s favourite choice. Isn’t it? It provides such updated features as cannot be done by android phones. Android phones are smartphones too but with Apple, we can experience the new. New here, does not mean only new outer design or layout. Apple offers a whole new world within its iOS. It renders you a digital outlook for a normal world. It incredibly encourages “smart” living.

  • Solving the Biggest Problem- Compatibility Issue.

The updated version of Apple brings in the biggest solution for many people. Didn’t you always feel the need to synchronise your other devices with your smartphone? This update helps you to use your mobile phone with the gadgets of other electronic brands. This is indeed one of the best attractions for people.

Earlier whoever had inhibitions with this connectivity issue, can now opt for this model. The fact that we do not need to change to our other gadgets, work as a great relief.

  • Privacy First! Up-gradation in the Privacy Features.

Apple iOS 14 has upgraded its security features. It is more user friendly and seeks permission even before the slightest activities. The way privacy and breach of privacy is everyone’s concern, now, this update seems the need of the hour. Apple though has always put its customers’ safety first, this privacy enhancement is a cherry on the cake. It ensures privacy in the app store as well. This is essential because no one can misuse your app download details.

  • Your Home Screen Your Choice – Redesigning it With Widgets.

Often we need widgets on the home screen and miss their presence. The new update allows the users to customise the lock screen and home screen by adding or deleting widgets. It also gives us the option of creating an app library which would help us remember the most-used apps. The widget gallery provides a brief idea about the used items. Siri has been made possible more productive because it suggests the best widgets and also reminds of the most used one. All these together increase the battery life because we can close the running apps and visit back just whenever necessary.

  • Making Face-timing and Watching Videos Easier.

This up-gradation allows us to watch videos or attain video calls or conferences with our phone screen on. These would not occupy the full screen of the phone and thus can not hinder any ongoing activities.  The video shows up in the corner of the phone display and we can easily relocate it to our desired position. We can also minimise the video and play only the audio. This works as a great relief, especially now, when most of us have to attend video conferences for classes or meetings.

  • Third-party apps can be used as default apps.

This update seems to be one of the biggest points of attraction. This is allowing us to use third-party mail and browser apps. Earlier we could only use Mail or Safari but now this stands corrected. People who are more comfortable with chrome and connected apps like Edison etc can use these.

  • Why miss the Chance of Getting Authentic Translations!

These days translations are becoming important. Apple earlier lacked this internal facility. But now it has introduced this. This would attract people from all over the world because all of us would be served with the most authentic translations of sentences and paragraphs. Earlier we could only get translations of phrases or selected words.

These features of iOS 14 have been made or upgraded so that the market reach increases. Let us hope that with these, Apple has addressed quite a few problems. And we are able to witness an increase in the customers in no time.

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