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Reduce harmful air pollutant with Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool Formaldehyde

Pic Credit: Dyson
Pic Credit: Dyson

Amid pandemic situation, we stay at our home more than often and breathe the harmful air emitting from cleaning and cooking. Many are aware of how harmful air pollutants can affect our health conversely. So what can we do to prevent our health from getting tampered with? Obviously, we cannot move to the woods now. 

To solve the problem of clean air Dyson has come up with a newly launched air purifier, Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool Formaldehyde. It tackles and clears all the harmful particles invading our homes, including formaldehyde emitting from our furniture. This gadget is very smart; it has many sensors to educate the users on what’s generating the most pollutants and doubles its work as an effective heater or fan. 

The technology in which it works

Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool Formaldehyde is a high performing air purifier that works on the following high-end technology:

Collects gases and ultra-refines them: The gadget has HEPA H13, which helps collect 99.95% gas particles. It also has a layer of activated carbon that removes gases and vicious odors. 

Kills formaldehyde continuously: The purifier has a catalytic filter that keeps catching and breaking formaldehyde continuously into water and CO2. Thus, it never requires replacement. 

Purifies the entire room: Dyson purifier is the only purifier with multiplier technology. The technology generates the circulation power to collect even the pollutants that are at a distance. Thus, it helps in purifying the entire room. 

Detect even tiniest formaldehyde: This latest purifier uses the technology of a solid-state sensor that helps detect even the tiniest formaldehyde. This means even if it is 500 times smaller than 0.1 microns, the purifier will catch it. Moreover, the precision remains intact during the lifetime of the machine. 

Sensor for indication: The gadget has integrated sensors to monitor your air quality constantly. It carefully analyzes the pollutants at a molecular level and displays the live result on the screen. 

The product is completely sealed: This latest purifier does not just meet the basic standard of having HEPA H13 but also it is sealed completely. This means what goes inside stays inside. 

Different features the customers get to enjoy

The following are the amazing features which the gadget offers to its customers:

  • The purifiers offer a heating option to customers that heats the entire room quickly and evenly.
  • This latest gadget also keeps the customers cool in summer.
  • It has a diffused mode that diverts the airflow from the back.
  • The customers get the option of controlling the purifier from anywhere through an app. 
  • Another amazing feature the purifier offers is it can oscillate up to 350degrees.
  • It also has a night mode which will let you sleep while its working in the quietest mode. 
  • The purifier also has a voice control option for hands-free accessibility. 
  • The customers can change the filter very easily whenever they see notification of filter’s life on the LCD. 


It is a very unique gadget and a great launch in the market. This latest purifier has been performing positively and is the most loved gadget of all. It solves the problem of high air pollutants effectively plus it comes with some additional benefits as well. 

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