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Tamil Rockers free movies download 2023


Tamilrockers 2023 is an online piracy site where people upload free movies of different language, including English, Malayalam, and Tamil. It is uploaded the same day these movies are released in the theatre. However, some movies are uploaded before they are caught on the local screen. Moreover, the homepage of Tamil Rockers is very easy to navigate even if the person is a beginner. The site was banned in India, but people still accessed it through proxy.

Tamil Rockers is a big threat to the Indian cinemas, especially Kollywood. But also a great entertainment source for middle-class employees, college students, and homemakers who could not afford to buy these movies regularly. 

Who is the owner of Tamil Rockers?

Although the owner’s names are not very clear, there were five people which the anti-piracy police arrested on March 15th, 2018. According to the findings of the police, the Tamilrockers owner name is Prabhu, the owner of DVD rockers is Johnson, and other associates were Suresh, Karthi, and Maria John. 

They were uploading movies on Tamil Rockers using 19 different hosting address including .ac, .in, .ro, .me, and .co. All of the culprits were arrested by the police on the complaint of the famous filmmaker Pulimurugan and Ramaleela. 

The police tracked them by tracing their bank account where they got payment from the advertisement companies to show their ads on the websites. It was a Haryana-based advertising company that worked with popular websites. The Tamil film industry thought the arrest would be the end of this big piracy scam. But everyone knows the present-day scenario, including you and me. 

Why were filmmakers not able to do anything?

Filmmakers made many complaints against these pirates but failed every time. They even hired some private agencies to look after these domains and get them blocked. But whenever they blocked the Tamil Rockers domain, they simply switched it to some other extension. 

Like one time, the private agency blocked, so the owners simply changed it to When they blocked it too, they moved to, and if that was blocked too, they used some other customized domain extension. 

Moreover, whenever they changed their domain, they updated their new domain on the Twitter page every time. 

During the mega release of Kabaali in Tamil, Kickass owner Artem Vaulin was arrested by police in Poland. But Tamilrockers owner remained untouched. The officers tried their best to track down these pirates, but their names remained anonymous since they kept on changing their domain. 

The objective or motive behind Tamilrockers is not known. But it’s a well-known fact that if any film celebrities made a statement against them, the owners always knew how to avenge them. So due to this threat, every film celebrity always stayed careful when making a statement, including them. 

How did they earn?

Most of us believe the main source of income of Tamilrockers is through Popup ads and not Google Adsense. However, there are many ad-serving agencies, just like Google Adsense, which pay the admins of the website money based on the number of clicks they got. 

These admins could not use the Google service as google never display ads or pirated sites, or adult content sites. But some unpopular ad serving agencies do like popMyAds, popAds, Dynamic Oxygen, Propeller Ads Media, Exit Junction, BuzzBizz, and Blacklabelads. These sites provide service to even adult content and pirated sites. Plus, the payout based on Pay per click is also competitive to Google Adsense. So when people visited Tamilrockers site, they used to see ads by these agencies. 

What was Tamilrockers income?

So, now we know that the main source of Tamil Rockers admin is by displaying ads in movie intervals. But how much they can earn from displaying ads is the main question. 

There is actually no limit to how much they can earn from displaying ads. It totally depends on the traffic that are visiting the site. 

For example, if millions of people are watching a popular serial in a specific medium. In that case, the medium owner will demand more money from the advertising agency to show their product and service in their interval. 

It is just like the case of magazines. When more circulations are happening in the market due to high demand, the magazine owners will take more money to display ads on their paper. 

So what we get to understand here is that if you get more visitors to your site, then you make more money from these agencies. As thousands of people were using the site of Tamil Rockers, it is obvious their income will also be high.

The two main types of audiences who visited Tamil rockers were:

First, who browsed carefully and ensured not to click any ads displaying on the page. These people made sure that the content providers did not make any money again. However, if they liked a product, they opened a new tab and browsed it. 

Second, who clicks the ad either because they are useful to them or wants to encourage the admin to upload more content in the future. 

The policemen who arrested the admins of Tamil Rockers said that Tamil Rockers income was more than Rs 1 crore by just running the site. On top of this, the income of the DVD Rockers was Rs 75 lakh last year. 

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What happened when the police arrested Tamil Rockers’ owner?

After the police team tracked the pirates by tracing their bank details, they confiscated their laptops, mobile phones, and hard disk, which the admin used to upload movies. 

The gang members of Tamil Rockers even had BSc and MSc holders in computer science. They recorded the newly released movies from various places and joined them. 


Tamil Rockers admin have been operating this huge piracy times for a long time, serving a large portion of the public. Many people tried to stop them by hiring big agencies to block the sites, but they were unsuccessful. These even included big filmmakers. At last, they were arrested by anti-piracy policemen on May 15th, 2018. 

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