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What are the new expected Whatsapp features of to be launched in the year 2021?

Whatsapp features of to be launched in the year 2021
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In recent years, WhatsApp was working on a few of the new features. Some of WhatsApp features are nowadays under development, while many of the features are tested in the beta form. For the desktop and web versions, WhatsApp was being spotted testing video and voice calls. Here is a list of features compiled presently in the development stage and are likely to be rolled out in 2021. The new features of Whatsapp will enhance the experience of messaging and, at the same time, will be introducing few new cases for WhatsApp.

Calling via WhatsApp Web and desktop app

It is undoubtedly the most-awaited feature. Both the desktop and the Whatsapp web for macOS and Windows are supposed to get video/voice calling support. The features will be working in a similar way as messages are being sent from the desktop.  But the phone and Whatsapp must have an internet connection that is active in case you are using the Whatsapp audio or voice calling from the desktop or web app. Currently, you will only be able to send files or messages to contacts using the desktop app or the website for social messaging.

Multi-device support

With the help of this feature, WhatsApp will be logged in from various devices simultaneously. The quality of multi-device support is developing and is also spotted in the version of the beta of Whatsapp in November for the iPhone. Recently, two devices are being supported by WhatsApp at the same time: a desktop and a phone. Users will be able to add a maximum of four devices with the help of the new multi-device support from a single account. This defines that once the unique feature of multi-device support gets rolled out, you can log in from the iPhone or iPad simultaneously and with the desktop.

 Mute video

There is no option in Whatsapp to mute the videos while the user is sending them to one contact or uploading the videos in the form of a status update. But in the coming days, Whatsapp is expected to allow the feature of mute videos to its users. This feature is still in the development stage, and according to reports, an icon of the speaker will be made available on the left-hand side, which is next to the video’s file size and duration details that the users are willing to share. If the user is ready to mute the videos, then just a tap on the speaker icon will help to do so before the video is shared with a group of contacts or simply only as a status.

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