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Windows 11 Copilot Update: The Genius Evolution of Clippy in OS

Pic Credit: Microsoft

Remember Clippy, the friendly paperclip sprite in Microsoft Word? It used to offer assistance, but it wasn’t exactly the brightest or deeply integrated into Microsoft’s ecosystem. Now, imagine if Clippy underwent a remarkable transformation, becoming a true genius and seamlessly integrated into the core of Windows 11. That’s Windows 11 Copilot update, one of the exciting revelations from Microsoft’s 2023 Surface Event.

During the event, Microsoft showcased numerous Copilot demonstrations, showcasing its AI capabilities. However, it wasn’t until I had a firsthand look at the Copilot preview in action on a Windows 11 system that I truly grasped its potential and the impact it will have on the next generation of Windows 11 users.

The Windows 11 update, set to launch on September 26, will introduce the Copilot preview, available for every PC supporting Windows 11.

Copilot isn’t just another application; it’s more like the intelligent voice within Windows 11. It possesses an in-depth understanding of Windows 11’s functionalities and your activities within the system. Combining Microsoft’s top-notch AI technologies, Copilot utilizes a large language model (LLM) to comprehend text and context, even generating fresh text. It also integrates Bing Chat to facilitate conversational interactions.

Two key features distinguish Copilot and make it an integral part of the Windows 11 experience. First, Copilot springs to action when you perform a basic task like copy and paste, recognizing your actions and offering its assistance. It doesn’t intrusively pop up; rather, it waits for your cue.

In a demo, we opened a Word document filled with a lengthy list of things to do in New York City. Copilot remained unobtrusive until we copied the text, at which point it politely asked if we wanted to use that text to chat. Copilot’s chat then inquired about our preferences, whether we wanted to revise, summarize, expand, or explain the text. You can be specific in your requests, such as asking for distances between Tribeca and your hotel.

Windows Copilot is deeply integrated into Windows but isn’t isolated from external sources. Like Bing Chat, it searches the web for answers, synthesizing the best responses while providing citations and links.

Windows 11 Copilot update goes the extra mile by offering additional information beyond the initial request. In our demo, it quickly suggested local attractions.

Another indicator that Copilot is more than just an add-on is its dedicated invoke and dismiss key combination: the Windows button and ‘c.’ This suggests it’s an integral part of Windows, not just a temporary feature.

Additional demos solidified the notion that this is a transformative Windows 11 experience. When we dragged a food photo from Outlook into the chat window, Copilot asked how it could assist. We requested instructions on preparing the unidentified dish, and after a moment, Copilot identified it as Shashuka and provided detailed cooking instructions.

Copilot also seamlessly integrated with Windows Snip, assisting us in solving a math problem when we snipped an image. When we sought guidance on focusing at work, Copilot utilized its platform integration to navigate us through Windows 11’s Focus settings.

Even for routine Windows tasks, Copilot shines. We asked it to “snap my windows” as our demo desktop got cluttered, and it efficiently organized the desktop while offering tips for customization.

The Windows 11 Copilot update Preview will be part of the Windows 11 update, requiring no additional installation. While its use is optional, based on my experience, ignoring Copilot might mean missing out on a revolutionary way of interacting with the world’s most widely used desktop platform.

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