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Best protection and fastest scan through K7 antivirus

Pic Credit: k7computing
Pic Credit: k7computing

Total protection and privacy are ensured to the user as they do any work online, surf, do any banking transactions or any kind of shopping. It makes your computer safe by giving then extra protection against ransomware. With the help of web protection, it increases internet safety as well as its privacy. For upgraded data security, it provides the facility of data locker.  

A multi-device subscription can safeguard your computer from virus and mobile malware.  A data backup and restore and identity protection will enable the security and privacy of data and information. Several threats to your computer such as viruses, ransomware, APTs, spam, webcam spies and phishing can be blocked by using antivirus software. 

Advantages of using k7

  • Support and reinstall

Its checks the squandering of vital data with the help of the backing up feature which also assists in reinstalling the lost data whenever you want in windows or reinforces and restores contacts in IOS. Ransomware, viruses and failure of devices always appear as a threat to your work data.  Thus, with the help of K7 total security update, one can restore and backup your work data as it keeps them safe.

  • Anti-spyware and antivirus

 Proactivity detects the device for possible menaces real face on windows, mac and android. It also checks cyber-attacks from harmful websites such as windows, androids and IOS. The bottom-line is it protects your device from warnings such as ransomware. 

  • Controls the surfing of children

Initiates cyber safety of the children by managing their internet accessibility. It blocks, limits and lay down access duration for the children. It also controls application and restricts categorized websites on the windows. 

  • Smart firewall 

It maintains the safety of all the communications shared between two computers on the internet by restricting network-based attacks with the help of smart intrusion recognizing system.  Internet security is notably guaranteed.

  • Web protection

Initiates protection against the exclusive online risks in windows, androids and IOS and regulates internet safety and privacy. Irreverent of the fact whether you are making any monetary transaction online through your phone or playing any video games on your pc, K7 ultimate security ensures total cyber protection to both your personal computer and mobile phone. It is good to be aware and protected from any threat on any online platform and through any device. 

  • Protection to many platforms

Proper protection to all the devices (androids, IOS, Windows and macOS) with a user-friendly multi-user subscription. It also ensures threat detection and protects it by activating an alarm facility provided by the K7 antivirus premium besides having immediate tracking in situations of loss or theft. 

It is ensured that the system responsiveness won’t be affected by the installation of the K7 antivirus. Besides having the ability to provide brilliant protection against harmful websites and ransomware, it also has a non-complicated UI and fast installation advantage. 

The requirement of the system 

 IOS 10.0 or higher

  • Activation and updating the system needs proper and strong connectivity of the internet.
  • Installation of the software requires administrator rights. 
  • Access to mobile internet with a strong Wi-Fi connection or 2g or higher connectivity. 
  • Screen resolution of 320×480 pixels or higher

Android 4.1 or higher

  • Screen resolution of 320×480 pixels or higher
  • Mobile internet with at least a 2g connectivity or a strong Wi-Fi connection
  • For activation or system updates, a valid internet connection is required
  • Installation of the software needs rights to the administrator

OS X10.10 – 10.15

  • Extra  hard disc space of 1GB and 2GB ram
  • System updating and activations demands access to a proper internet connection
  • Installation of the software requires access to the administrator. 

There are also some specifications for the windows.

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