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iPhone 2: release date, camera, price, pro version and other specifications

iPhone 2 G Pic Credit: Wikipedia
Pic Credit: Wikipedia

Apple the world’s 2nd largest mobile phone manufacturer is known for its iPhones. Every iPhone has its own story. Today, I am writing my opinion about the iPhone2, its release (launch) date, price, camera and other specifications etc. Has iPhone 2 ever launched? Why didn’t apple name any phone with iPhone 2?

If we talk about the serial wise Apple has never launched any mobile with the Name “iPhone 2“. So, we can say iPhone 2 was never launched or we can say not launched yet.

iPhones are named from iPhone 1 to 14 till date but if you see in between there are two numbers or iPhones missed those are iPhone2 and iPhone 9. Apple has not named any smartphone with iPhone 2 and iPhone 9 yet.

Why there is no iPhone 2? Why Apple never launched iPhone2?

In my opinion, the main reason behind the name of iPhone 2 as iPhone 3G is as Apple’s first-ever mobile phone was named with the name iPhone 1 sometimes it is also known as iPhone 2G because it was a 2G phone. After iPhone 1 release when Apple was ready to launch its second mobile phone 3G technology was booming and Apple was never in favour of naming its iPhones serially. Their smartphone was supported and embedded with 3G technology so Apple decided to name its device Apple iPhone 3G, not iPhone2. So, simply we can say iPhones were initially evolving with cellular technology.

Apple’s iPhone 2 was never launched and they launched the second iPhone with the name iPhone 3G which was released on 11th July, 2008. It was released with 8 GB and 16 GB capacities. Initially, iPhone 3G came with the iPhone OS 2 and it got updates till iOS 4.2.1.

2nd iPhone model i.e. iPhone 3G was discounted by Apple after 2 years on date 07th June, 2010. After iPhone 3G Apple released its advanced model with the name iPhone 3GS with the same screen size and similar design. Only memory was enhanced in one of its variant. iPhone 3GS came in three variants 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB.  Therefore, only an extra memory variant of 32GB storage was released. However, every variant of iPhone 3GS came with increased RAM from 128 MB to 256 MB and small advancements in camera.  iPhone 3GS was released in 19th June, 2009 and discontinued in 12th September, 2012.

As we follow the naming trend of Apple’s iPhone after iPhone 3G apple was waiting for 4G technology so that they can name their 3rd device iPhone 4G but cellular technology was taking time for its evolution and Apple didn’t wait more and released iPhone 4 in 2010. When cellular technology 4G started Apple released the iPhone 5, in 2013, it was the first iPhone with 4G LTE, and it’s unlikely older iPhones only supported 3G. In the iPhone family number Apple had already moved ahead and after that, Apple started its own series irrespective or Cellular technology Generations.

Why iPhone 9 was not released? Was it the same case as iPhone2?

So, iPhone families were named continuously from iPhone 1 to iPhone 8 only by skipping iPhone 2. Similar case repeated when it came to name iPhone 9. Apple also skipped the name iPhone 9 just like iphone2 for a different reason. Actually, iPhone 9 was supposed to be released in 2017. So, it was the 10th year when Apple released its first iPhone 1 or iPhone 2 G. Therefore, Apple felt it made little sense to celebrate its 10th anniversary by releasing the iPhone 9 with the name iPhone X or iPhone 10. After that company launched other members of iPhone X and the next iPhone family i.e. iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and iPhone 14 (latest iPhone family).

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