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Let’s discuss about the worst computer brands based on the users reviews on Internet. These are not actually This is a period of technology and online media. In this 21st century, a laptop or a computer is a necessity to deal with things. No matter, whether you are a student, professional, or business personnel you will need a laptop or computer to be a part of the vast technological world.

Everything has both good and bad sides of things. In this vast market, you get the best or can get the worst. There are several types of brands. Some provide genuine service whereas others just try to put a hat on customers. But you must be thing thinking how will you know which are worst? It is important for you to know first which brands are the worst brands that provide bad products.

From Best to Worst this vast platform can provide you every single kind of computer. These computer brands are of varieties of budget. 

In this article, you’ll know all the information about the worst computers and laptop brands. This will help you to buy the good one and know about the worst.

List of worst Computer Brands include:

  1. LG- This brand performed really well in the past years but slowly these brands lost their functionality. There was a time when this brand was considered as a symbol of premium device and ownership but in recent times it could not compete with other brands’ productivity and became the worst of all. LG has still been a part of the race due to its mobility; this is the only criteria to take this brand as still reasonable. In this modern world, everyone will demand attractive features and fast performance but LG could not meet the criteria and is naturally neglected by the population.
  2. Razer- Razer is a very common and well-known name in the gaming industry. These brand laptops are mostly used by gamers in the hope of having a different experience of gaming. But these Laptops are extremely highly-priced value and also do not have any additional features that the customers or users can enjoy. So, we ranked it at second position of out of 5 worst computer brands.
  3. Samsung- Samsung is a great brand and is highly famous for its electronic devices like mobile phones, etc. Laptops are also provided by the Samsung Brand but the quality of the product is really bad. Once upon a time, this brand has achieved sky-high achievements. This brand has a variety of affordable products but does not avail of all features and functions. Samsung has nowadays gained a great achievement for mobile phones not for laptops and also are not affordable in the price range.
  4. Alienware- Alienware has lost its name and position. This is one of the oldest brands that have worked remarkably in the past few years. This company promised to provide a lot to the individuals as it is one of the oldest brands but could not meet the criteria and promises. This slowly dropped its position in the market and has also has forgotten by several individuals. So, we listed it in top 5 worst computer brands.
  5. Huawei- 5th worst computer brand is Huawei. This brand was a good and affordable brand and is considered the oldest one of all. This year Huawei has the worst rating of all and is considered a worthless laptop brand. This brand provides only one good laptop to its customers that are the Mate Book X Pro 2018. But this one laptop cannot win customers’ hearts again due to its limited selection. This company uses frustrating tech support making the laptops slower and gives a lack of performance.

Best Computer brands 2023

In the above points, the top worst computer brands are given but it is also important to know that which brands are the best of all and provides great satisfaction to its customers in 2023. So, here is the list of top 10 best computer brands on based on users rating:

  • Apple
  • Dell
  • HP
  • Acer
  • Toshiba
  • Lenovo
  • Microsoft
  • LG
  • Samsung
  • Asus

How to Rate Brands?

Rating a brand depends on the following factors:

  • Reviews- This is the customer satisfactory points given by the individuals only. This contains the highest points of 40.
  • Design- The look of the computer brand whether is attractive or not. This contains 15 points in total.
  • Tech Support- When you own a computer or laptop the first question you have is whether the computer will help you to deal with technical problems like rebooting, troubleshooting, etc. This is an important factor and contains 20 points.
  • Innovation- Whether the laptop you are choosing is innovative from the others or not and contains 10 points.
  • Value and Selection- Do the manufacturer addressed all the requirements of the customers like gaming, business, and casual types of computers. This contains 15 points.


The technology world is evolving in a great manner and is moving really fast. In this vast speedy market choosing a good computer brand can be daunting task to perform. So, with the above points, you can know which is good and which a worst brand is. This article is based on the writer’s opinion and we would be happy to make any change if you have any suggestion. Please contact us for any updation.

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