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Facebook Down! Users fail to login Facebook

Pic Credit: Facebook

Facebook down has become the breaking news of the day. Users are unable to login their facebook account on both desktop and mobile. Social media has been the part of everyone’s life today. It is the most common and widely used medium of communication. People all around the world like to share their pictures, stories, feeling and thoughts on these popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

All Meta-owned platforms Facebook, Instagram, and Threads excluding Whatsapp, are currently facing technical issues, rendering them inaccessible for many users today on dated 5th March, 2024. This down or outage has impacted functionalities across these social media platforms.

What issues are users facing? How is Facebook Down?

Today, all of sudden Facebook accounts of the users got logged out and were asked to login again.
When user enter the password it was taking the user to the next page “Choose a way to confirm that it’s you“. In this section it was asking Either “Notification on another Device” or “Text message on registered Mobile or Whatsapp“. But craziest thing of this Facebook down is that non of above option are working. Users are not getting notification on another device and no OTP on their registered mobile number.

As of now, Facebook is still down on the mobile device or on Facebook App from half of an hour but it has been restored on Desktop. Hope it will be stored on Mobile and Facebook app soon.

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