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Apple launched limited-edition Apple Watch

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Apple launched its new limited edition apple watch to celebrate black history month this month. It will launch its watch across all its apps and services. There are many features of the Apple Watch Series 6, with the Black Unity Edition features a green and black and also red colour striped scheme. This is the Apple watch latest series.

The launch of the Apple Watch Series 6 by Apple is ahead of Black History Month during February. Users will be attracted to the latest features that the watch has. It has a variant feature of a new watchband and the new watch face on top of the dial. The brand has decided to do a charity by sending a part of the watch’s sales to many global Civil Rights organizations. 

This series is a part of the ‘Black Unity’ collection, and the new variant of the watch will be featuring a colour scheme of green, black and red colour. The colours on the watch symbolize the colours of the Pan American flag. The Apple Watch Series 6 was under the new scheme of colour.

And in any case, you are not aware that Black History Month is celebrated in the month of February every year in the West. It is celebrated to recognize the achievements of the African Americans in the history of the United States. 

Availability and its price

The price of the new Black Unity Apple Watch Series 6 is $399, which is about Rs. 29,000. The users also have the opportunity to buy the band of the watch separately for $40, which is around Rs. 3,500. Apple has decided to sell the new Black Unity Watch along with the band starting from the 1st of February, 2021. According to the Verge reports, the Black Unity Watch by Apple will be available for users all over the year. Only in the month of September, the watch will be up for the users to grab.

The unique Black Unity Watch will be available for users who have an iPhone Smart Watch for them.

Organizations Apple will contribute

According to the brand Apple, the company will contribute a portion of the Black Unite Edition Watch’s total sale among the six global organizations. Some organizations’ names are Black Lives Matter Support Fund, European Network Against Racism, and the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund.

Other initiatives

Apart from launching the new watch, Apple is also celebrating Black History Month’s event by doing few more things. The brand has also decided to open new hubs that will tend to do businesses owned by black developers and people. The users will also find playlists and other content in Apple Music that will highlight Black contributors and artists. 

In the meantime, Apple’s map service will also have curate recommendations that will be powered by Eat Okra. It highlights various restaurants that is owned by Black people. Some stories are highlighted in Apple News and Apple TV App, which mainly focuses on black people and their families. There are Black authors who will be highlighted on the Apple Podcasts and Apple Books apps.

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