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Whatsapp launched its new privacy rules, and they are compared with Telegram and Signal


The most frequent question asked is, what are the apps that is being used the most? Well, the answer is both Facebook and whatsapp. Among the two, whatsapp is the most used apps. And recently, Facebook has notified all the 2 billion customers of the whatsapp to know that there is an update of the privacy policies in Whatsapp. And now the question is how the users will accept the guidelines? The fact is it has to be taken by the users or else the users cannot use whatsapp. If the users do not get the policies, they will not be able to use whatsapp from 8th of February, 2021. 

Whatsapp is trying to re-assert the need for good integration policies with different Facebook companies; still, most of them are not convinced. There is confusion everywhere that has created an unusual hike in Telegram and Signal’s downloading in the last days.

How are the policy terms different from what the users thought of?

According to the new privacy policy update of Whatsapp launch date in India, the app wants to reserve the right to share the data from its users to the broader Facebook network. It is monetizing Whatsapp. Whatsapp has the right to transfer data such as phone numbers, IP addresses, payments done etc. But the distrust of Facebook has poured over this messaging platform.  

But people failed to understand that the policy terms were referred to only business chats and are not for personal conversations. The new policy’s main intention is to leverage the policies and earn money with the help of targeted ads. But now, due to Facebook being offensive, it is trying to calm the abusive situation.

On the other hand, Telegram and Signal got a sweet gift at the end as people displayed irritation and at the same time raged over the latest antics of Whatsapp. But if the privacy features and security are compared in Whatsapp, then Telegram and Signal gave some critical information. One must also know is Telegram app safe?

How are the security features of Whatsapp incredible?

Whatsapp’s security features are incredible. Whatsapps allows end-to-end encryption and holds the messages for a particular time as long as it takes to deliver the news. The server then deleted the messages.

But there is also one weakness in the process of Whatsapp. There is one cloud backup feature that Whatsapp has and is a bit shaky. It stores the messages on Google or Apple’s servers. Thus, the users have no other option but have faith in the server’s protocols of encryption.

Signal also make use of the same protocol for end-to-end encryption that are used by Whatsapp. But Telegram is a bit different as it lacks the protocol of end-to-end encryption. It also has an option of the secret chats. Users need to know first how to use telegram app before installing one.

Therefore, when it comes to Whatsapp’s privacy policy, it is regarded as the weakest of all. Whatsapp shares different information of the users while Signal and Telegram share none of it.

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