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Bluehost review 2023 for WordPress blog based on personal experience

Bluehost review 2021
Bluehost review 2021

Hello Readers, I am sharing my experience with If you’re a beginner or having a small budget for website and planning to start your first ever own blog or wordpress website then you should definitely read this article. So, please be with the article to read the complete bluehost review 2023 and my real experience with the hosting provider. Bluehost is one of the world’s biggest and oldest web hosting brand.

I was planning to start my new sports blog for a long time. However, I am hosting my another blog on a different server. But after working with Blue Host it made me write this review. I am doing blogging for a long time. My first website was a html website which is still live since 2009. So, I have a good experience in web designing and SEO. Although, I seotechworld is still a simple html website and I would like to keep it as it is because it was my first work and I want to sustain the domain name.

Guys, I joined bluehost’s hosting for my new blog I really loved hosting here which made me to write this bluehost review 2023.

Bluehost review 2022 C panel

Top Reasons I selected Blue Host server to start my blog:

  1. It is offering FREE domain name for 1 year.
  2. Blue Host is recommended by
  3. It its basic plan it offers wordpress hosting at very reasonable price for long term and I selected 36 months plan.
  4. Bluehost offers 30 days money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.
  5. Offered me 5 free domain name email accounts in a basic plan.
  6. 24×7 Technical Support.
  7. Most trusted brand name.

Bluehost offers 5 main types of hosting plans:

  • WordPress hosting.
  • Shared hosting.
  • VPS hosting.
  • Dedicated hosting.
  • Cloud Sites.

I selected WordPress hosting from bluehost in January, 2021. Which was a great experience for me.

Let’s discuss about the plans offered by blue host in brief:

BASIC PLAN(Most recommended for beginners): It is the best plan if you want to host a single blog or website. For beginners this plan is highly recommended. You can upgrade anytime to another web hosting plans in future. So, in our review we give this plan number one rating. However, other plans are also good if you want to host number of websites or need a big storage.

Features of the basic plan:

i) 100% Free Domain name for 1 year.
ii) Free CDN and SSL.
iii) 50 GB SSD Storage.
iv) Various WordPress Themes.
v) 24×7 Customer Support

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Bluehost review 2022
Source:BlueHost Affiliate Banner

2. PLUS PLAN(Recommended for long term bloggers hosting more than one blog): If you want to run multiple websites this plan can suit you the best.

Features of the plus plan:
i) Free domain for 1 year.
ii) You can host unlimited number of Websites/Blogs.
iii) This plan offers you unlimited SSD Storage.
iv) Various WordPress Themes.
v) 24×7 Customer Support.
vi) Free CDN and SSL Certificate.

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Along with unlimited web hosting plan this plan also includes added privacy and security features. In addition to Plus plan, This plan offers you Free domain Privacy and free automated backup for 1 year.

Top Features of this plan:

i) Free domain for 1 year.
ii) You can host unlimited number of Websites/Blogs.
iii) This plan offers you unlimited SSD Storage.
iv) Various WordPress Themes.
v) 24×7 Customer Support.
vi) Free CDN and SSL Certificate.
vii)Free Domain Privacy and Free Auto Backup for 1 year.

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4. PRO PLAN: This is plan includes Free dedicated IP in addition to choice plan but it very expensive.

Bluehost review 2022 hosting package in detail with discounted price

Domain name Email Address:

As we know if we want to do professional business our official email should look like an professional one. Bluehost offer free domain name email address in every package/plan but email storage will be limited in basic plan. Your email address will look like yourname @ yourdomainname(dot)com.

Basic plan I took includes 15 GB email storage which is enough for me. If you want more email storage you can choose another plan.

With all plans, your software updates automatically and 99.9% uptime guarantee. You are free to use multiple devices to access these programs and tools. So, no matter wherever you move you can access your accounts.

Bluehost Pros & Cons:

Now, Let’s come to the important section of this article bluehost review 2023 and discuss the Pros and Cons of Bluehost:


  • Offers free domain name for 1 year. It can help for new bloggers who are willing to start blogging as trial basis. If it becomes their stable option in that case they can continue anytime.
  • Reasonable hosting plans for beginners.
  • Solid uptime: It offers very good uptime.
  • Great bandwidth: Bluehost won’t limit the traffic that your website(s) can get.
  • Awesome hosting dashboard: that makes it easy to do things like install WordPress.


  • Renewal cost is higher than first time cost.
  • Backup options: The entry-level plans don’t have a good backup solution.
  • PRO Plan and Choice plan are expensive as compare to the feature they are offering.


A brief conclusion of this bluehost WordPress blog review is that I took BASIC PLAN from bluehost that costed me only few USD because I took it for 36 months. This plan included FREE domain name and you can start with FREE theme of WordPress. So, it is almost onetime cost for almost three years. You need to pay for Domain name from next year. In case you are beginner and you are doubtful about the blogging profession or niche you want to start with. You can chose BASIC PLAN for one year which comes with free domain name. If your blog works well you can continue otherwise you will lose only few dollars for an experiment.

I am very much satisfied with Bluehost and soon I will shift my gadget launch blog to bluehost. Hope you liked our article bluehost review 2023. To know more in detail please visit

Bluehost review 2022
Image Source: Bluehost affiliate Banner

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