The best Hunting Games for PS5, PS4 and PC in 2024

10 best Hunting Games for PS5

Playstation 5 is the latest home video game console manufactured by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The Play Station 5 was build after the PS4 model and was launched all over the world with Microsoft Xbox Series X and Series S console. In this article, we have arranged a list of best hunting games for PS5.

Hunting games have come a long way from their humble beginnings, offering gamers a thrilling and immersive experience of stalking and taking down virtual prey. With the advent of PlayStation 5, the hunting game genre has evolved to deliver hyper-realistic graphics, intense gameplay, and an abundance of species to track. In this article, we’ll explore the top 12 the best hunting games for PS5 that cater to both novice hunters and seasoned marksmen.

The PS5 is already famous in the world due to the attractive features. It has a solid-state drive designed for high-speed streaming of data and to authorise noteworthy improvements in storage performance, an AMD-GPU, which can resist of 4K resolution display at up to 120 frames per second, hardware-accelerated ray tracing for pragmatic lighting and reflections. The function of the Tempest Engine allows hardware acceleration in 3D audio effects. This is not the end, some other features include the Dual Sense controller with tactile feedback and backward affinity with most PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR games.

Play Station can give an immense feeling while playing a game and this can also store a lot of games in it. The internal storage of PS 5 is 825 GB along with 12 channel interface. An individual can also extend the storage of games by using the NVE Express, M.2 PORT, and USB hard drive.

Playing games in PS is amazing and once you have played using a PS van never go for others as there are high chances that you might not like playing in anything. Although hunting games are not so famous now a day. These kinds of games were popular 20 years ago, which allowed playing on PC, Mobiles, consoles like PS and Xbox.

The Best hunting games for PS5, PS4 and PC

Hunting games are a demanded game as it allows players to track and move around through wildlife that gives the players an immersive experience. Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the best hunting games for ps5, PS4 and PC. Players who want something like this or more can try out the bellow games.

1. The Hunter

The Hunter - The best Hunting Games for PS5

The most realistic and awaited hunting online game ever created is now available for free. Experience the thrill of the hunt in the open and vast world environment reaching from the beauty of the Australian Alps to the dramatic landscapes of the Alps to scratches of the Alps. As a hunter, you can use everything from crossbows to handguns and always be prepared to be in action just like the real world.

The graphics of these games are extremely realistic and attractive. This allows you to explore and hunt according to your wish. Player can get the availability of several types of species in the game. You can also compete with other players for the motive of survival just like in the real world. So, we ranked this at number one as the best game for PS5 and PS4 in hunting category. You can buy this game from the following link at the best price from amazon.

2. Pro Deer Hunting 2 game for PS5, PS4 and PC

Pro Deer Hunting 2 - Best hunting games for PS5

This is the most awaited video and this game’s graphics and sounds effects are amazing. This is the newly launched video and has both a hunting and adventure mood. This game is deer based game that allows only hunting of deer. This is best for those who have a great fascination for hunting.

Pro Deer Hunting 2 is the great tradition of realistic deer hunting simulations. Latest features of this game includes graphics enhancements, the muzzle loading rifle and climbing tree stand.

3. Hunting Simulator 2 for PS5, PS4 and PC

The Best hunting game for PS5 - Hunting Simulator 2

Hunting Simulator-2 is one of the best games for PS5, PS4 and PC. In stunning natural environments choose your gear from the best official weapons and excess reasons set with your search of wild and exceptional species in this hunting simulation. Explore the plants of Colorado and the texture also. This is a high graphics game and you can track down 33 animal species in the natural environment.  You can use the best animal hunting techniques in this game. You will also get an assistant of yours who will always be there with you.

The graphics of this game is just out of the box and looks like everything is natural and real. The sound effects are amazing and are like the cherry on top. This is the best-reviewed game of 2022 and is also the best hunting game for PS5 royal. You can use your hunting dog customized with real manners to track your prey.

You can avail of 160 weapons with several accessories and clothing items from the best brands that include Winchester, Crowning, etc.

4. Bigfoot

10 Best hunting games for playstation 5 - Hunting Simulator 2

This is another interesting hunting game for PS Home console, Xbox, and PC also. You will get the opportunity to gather a team of friends or can go on a solitary of your own. In this game, you can experience the forest wildlife and can feel the real hunters for Bigfoot’s. Players have to hunt animals in different weather conditions. You can also set traps for the wild animals and can then kill them.

Gamer will found footprints of several animals and also the footprints of the Bigfoot. One thing you need to remember in this game that the Bigfoot is the cleverest creatures and are the most and reserved mystical creatures.

5. The Hunter-Call of the Wild

Best hunting games for playstation 5 - The hunter call of the wild

This is an amazing game that gives player the great heart shacking experience. The Hunter-Call of the Wild game is one of the most played and best hunting games for PS4 as well. It is one of the best games for PC also. The Hunter-Call of the Wild game is plunged into the majestic scene of the wild and allow the players to team up with lives. These give the natural experience of wildlife and have well maintained every detailed small thing. From the cracking of the leaves to the birds and the atmosphere, everything is beautifully incorporated in this game.

This game is one of the best hunting games for ps5 and Xbox. In this game, you can either hunt on your own or can join up with friends making a team, and can hunt. When you willfind deer or any animal in the jungle that feeling is beyond description.

When it comes to guns there are several guns in this game and also several types of equipments that allow you to know which is for which animal. You can build your knowledge through this game as well.

6. Depth Hunter 2: Deep Dive for PS5, PS4 and PC

The Best Hunting Games for PS5 - Depth Hunter 2: Deep Dive

This game offers 25000 exciting and new missions in 3 three huge locations around the world. Players get the opportunity to hunt different varieties of fish under the water. In this game, the players also have to experience the breath-holding and can learn Spearfishing which is an ancient fishing method. Players will also have to find treasures that are hidden under the water and get the possibility to witness the first underwater beauty.

Depth Hunter 2 game has different kinds of graphics and looks like it is happening in the real world. This game can experiment in Playstation, XBOX, and PC as well. This game is one of the best hunting games for the ps5 console.

7. Legendary Hunter VR for PS and PC

best Hunting Games for PS5 - 
Legendary Hunter VR

This is a Virtual Reality Game that gives a different experience. This game is an inspiration of the classic old-school game duck hunt. The graphics of this game are set on a beautiful island and the player can enjoy some breathtaking moments. Duck hunting is only the beginning of what the player needs to do in the survival of the game. During the day you will have to go through the attacks of the vicious attacks of the crow and have to hunt and save yourself from this.

Furthermore, you can expect the attacks of the crocodiles and several vicious animals to make sure you play the game wisely, or else you can face problems in the nighttime. There are several climatic conditions and it randomly changes. You can get the best realistic view of the day/ night cycle.

8. Carnivores Dinosaur Hunting Reborn game for PS

10 best Hunting Games for PS5 - Carnivores Dinosaur Hunting Reborn

This game is the first game simulator where the players can hunt the largest and the most ferocious animals. Carnivores Dinosaur Hunting Reborn game is a squeal of the original hunting of dinosaurs in the virtual world. This game gives the true scenery where the players have to hunt and then target and shoot the dinosaurs. The graphics are amazing along with the sound effects and on PS this game looks way more amazing and lively.

This game is just the real version of life where you need to learn some basic gestures and the actual methods of hunting.

IN this game you have to remember that you are not hunting deer but the dinosaurs. You will experience the 3D realistic surrounding and also have to protect yourself. This is the adventurous and the best hunting game for ps5 bundle.

9. Cabela’s North American Adventures for PSs and PC

Hunting Games for PS5 - Cabela's North American Adventures

Cabelas North American Adventures is an amazing hunting game. It has thousands of gun options with a variety of receivers, barrels, stocks and scopes. The game also capitalizes on the popularity of hunting shows and online videos by adding a cameraman into gameplay to get compelling footage, hunters need to be at their best! Also, multiple players can hunt together online at once Xbox 360 and PS 5.

So, it is amazing game if a group of friends want to enjoy the same game on Playstation. This is also an amazing game that gives an amazing real-world experience that can be played on the Xbox, PS consoles including PCs.

10. Deer Hunter for Playstation and PC

Ten best Hunting Games for Playstation 5 - Deer Hunter

Deer Hunter is a 2018 online hunting game where the players can experience the green wild nature with deer’s. This game is free which means new players who are new in the hunting genre do not have to invest anything in this game and can fully enjoy the nature and experience of being a hunter.  So, it got ranked in our list among the best game for ps5 in hunting category list.

11. Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2: The best hunting game for PS4 & PS5 

Pic Credit: Rockstar Game

“Red Dead Redemption 2” for PlayStation 5 and PC stands out as a top-tier hunting game, blending Rockstar Games’ signature open-world action with a remarkable hunting experience. Set in the late 1800s American frontier, the game’s commitment to realism is evident in its meticulous recreation of diverse landscapes and over 200 species of wildlife.

The dynamic ecosystem responds to your actions and those of other characters, ensuring every hunting trip is unique. Engaging mechanics cater to various playstyles, allowing you to hunt with firearms, tracking, or bows. Beyond hunting, the game offers a compelling narrative with memorable characters.

Recently optimized for PlayStation 5 and PC, “Red Dead Redemption 2” features enhanced visuals and faster performance. It’s more than just a game; it’s a journey into the untamed Wild West, where the thrill of the hunt matches the excitement of the story. Whether you’re a seasoned virtual hunter or new to the genre, this game invites you to explore the wilderness and become a legend of the American frontier.

12. “Duck Dynasty”

"Duck Dynasty: The Best Hunting Game for PS5 and PC"

“Duck Dynasty,” drawing inspiration from its beloved TV series counterpart, offers a distinctive hunting experience on both PlayStation 5 and PC. While it may not share the same limelight as some other hunting games, its unique blend of humor, authenticity, and exhilarating duck hunting sets it apart.

What makes “Duck Dynasty” stand out is its commitment to faithfully recreating the atmosphere of the TV show. Players step into the boots of the renowned Robertson family, known for their duck hunting expertise. The game mirrors the humor, camaraderie, and challenges of the show, providing a nostalgic journey for fans.

Venturing into multiple hunting locations, each presenting distinct challenges, the game captures the essence of the show with regional wildlife and amusing anecdotes. Despite maintaining the lighthearted charm of the TV series, “Duck Dynasty” takes duck hunting seriously, requiring players to employ authentic tactics for a satisfying and lifelike representation of the sport.

Interactions with the Robertson family throughout the game allow players to connect with familiar characters, sharing stories, tips, and humorous moments. Additionally, character and equipment customization, along with various challenges and missions, add depth to the gaming experience.

Originally released on older platforms, “Duck Dynasty” has been optimized for PlayStation 5 and PC, ensuring enhanced graphics and overall performance for a more enjoyable gaming experience on the latest hardware. In summary, “Duck Dynasty” offers a unique, nostalgic, and delightful gaming experience, making it a compelling choice for both fans of the TV show and hunting enthusiasts.


Hunting games for PlayStations have evolved to offer a diverse range of experiences, from realistic open-world hunting simulations to action-packed adventures in wild settings. Whether you’re an avid outdoorsman or simply seeking a thrilling gaming experience, these top 12 hunting games for PlayStation 5 are sure to satisfy your craving for the hunt. Strap on your boots, load up your virtual rifle, and embark on unforgettable hunting expeditions right from the comfort of your gaming chair.
Above mentioned are the best hunting games for PS5 for the players interested in hunting. Are you a hunter from inside? You love the wildlife creatures and environment more than anything then these games are the ultimate solution for you. Happy hunting!

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