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Hyunjin Stray Kids (SKZ) Rapper’s bio, his bullying controversy and apology

Hyunjin of Stray Kids (SKZ) bio, his bullying controversy and apology

Hyunjin Stray Kids star was born in Seoul, South Korea 20th March, 2000. So, his age as on June, 2021 is 21 years and 3 months. Hyunjin is the lead rapper, main dancer, sub-vocalist and the visual of the group Stray Kids (SKZ). 

Before proceed with the profile or bio of Hyunjin. Let’s know about the Stray Kids (SKZ) group.

Stray Kids (SKZ) Group and its Current Members:

Stray Kids (SKZ) a South Korean boy group was formed in 2017-18 by JYP Entertainment. The name Stray Kids is named by the team members.

Stray Kids Group have won Twelve awards till now which include Rookie of the Year, Best New Artist, Most Anticipated Male Rookie Idol, etc.

Current Members of Stray Kids (SKZ) Group

1. Bang Chan:
Bang Chan’s real name is Bang Chan
Christopher Bang. He was born on 3rd October, 1997. So, age of Bang Chang is 23 years and 8 months as on June, 2021. Bang Chan is the leader, lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Sub-Rapper and Producer of Stray Kids Group.

2. Lee Know : Lee Know’s real name is Lee Min-ho. He was born on 25th October, 1998. So, age of Bang Chang is 22 years and 8 months as on June, 2021. Lee Know is the Main Dancer, Vocalist and Sub-Rapper in Stray Kids.

3. Changbin : Changbin’s real name is Seo Chang-bin. He was born on 11th August, 1999. So, age of Changbin is 21 years and 9 months as on June, 2021. Changbin is the main Rapper, Sub-Vocalist and Producer in Stray Kids Group.

3. Han : The real name of Han is Han Ji-sung and his nick name is Squirrel, Quokka. He was born on 14th September, 2000. So, age of Changbin is 20 years and 8 months as on June, 2021. Han is the Main Rapper, Lead Vocalist and Producer of Stray Kids Group.

4. Felix : Felix is the Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper and Sub-Vocalist in Stray Kids. The real name of Felix is Lee Yong-bok and Felix Lee. He was born on 15th September, 2000. So, age of Felix is 20 years and 8 months as on June, 2021.

5. Seungmin : Seungmin is the Main Vocalist in Stray Kids Group. The real name of Seungmin is Kim Seung-min. He was born on 22nd September, 2000. So, age of Seungmin is 20 years and 8 months as on June, 2021.

6. I.N. : I.N. is the Vocalist, Maknae in Stray Kids Group. The real name of I.N. is Kim Yang Jeong-in. He was born on 8th February, 2001. So, age of I.N. is 20 years and 3 months as on June, 2021.

Stray Kids (SKZ) Members

Hyunjin- Profile and Bio (Inactive member of Stray Kids group Profile and Bio)

Hyunjin: Hyunjin is the inactive member of Stray Kids Group. Real name of Hyunjin is Hwang Hyun-jin. He was the Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Sub-Vocalist, Visual in Stray Kids. Date of birth of Hyunjin is 20th March, 2000. So, Age of Hyunjin is 21 years and 2 months as on June, 2021.

Hyunjin is known by many nicknames such as Jinnie, Jin, the Prince, Llama and Night Fury.

Birthplace of Hyun Jin is Seoul, South Korea.

Hyunjin’s life before joining Stray Kids

Hyunjin’s birth place is Seongnae-dong, Gangdong-gu, Seoul in South Korea. He used to visit Las Vegas, where he used his English name Sam.

Once when he was shopping with his mother, he was scouted by JYP Entertainment and he joined there as a trainee.

While as a trainee in JYP Entertainment, Hyunjin appeared in the reality show Stray Kids. Stray Kids members and ITZY members were also the part of this show. Hyunjin and other memebers of Stray Kids formed this group and launched their first album I AM NOT and their leading single District 9.

Hyunjin bullying controversy and apology

In the beginning of this year during the month of February, Hyunjin was accused of bullying in school. Hyunjin issued an official statement thereafter. 

A number of schoolmates came together to accuse Hyunjin of bullying. This put the Rapper in a big trouble. However, It is not that uncommon news in South Korea because many of other celebrities have been faced the similar allegations in past.

Let’s know what happened to Hyunjin and JYP Entertainment’s statement to it.

What happened to Hyunjin? Has he left Stray Kids?

Initially, JYP Entertainment which is the management agency of Hyunjin denied these allegations upon hearing from one probable victim.

Many more classmates of Hyunjin marched to social media and posted their incidences with Hyunjin.

With the previous accusation, one more former classmate of Hyunjin posted a story about how Hyunjin made him contemplate taking his own life.

Alleged Victime then revealed that while he doesn’t have tangible proof of bullying, but he had witnesses to corroborate his story.

I went to Seongnae Middle School and during my second year of middle school, I was in the same class as Hwang Hyunjin. I am a victim of his school violence. He caused me so much pain that I contemplated committing suicide.

My past was like hell for me and reminding myself of what happened makes my hands tremble in fear. When he debuted, and I would see him on my television, I would be reminded of all the horrible memories from my past. It was hard for me to live my normal daily life due to the trauma that I received.

— Alleged victim

The victim shared the detailed incident of how the bullying began.

He beat me up on campus because I didn’t block the ball during a soccer game. He cursed at me and picked on me because of my size. I became a loser all because I couldn’t block the soccer ball. After this incident, I became the target of Hwang Hyunjin’s mockery and torment.

My name became a joke. In a group chat, he would write things such as, ‘Are you ____ (alleged victim’s name)? Why are you acting like him?’ He would use my name to joke around with his friends. I wasn’t able to do anything about the group chatroom and that made me fall into an even deeper depression. I became so fearful that at one point, I stopped going into the group chatroom. My self-esteem became non-existent.

— Alleged victim

I may not have physical evidence, but I do have witnesses. I have been collecting their testimonies. I’m sorry that I only have my words and no actual evidence.

I wrote these experiences exactly as they happened. I didn’t want to have proof of the experiences that made life so difficult for me. I wanted to die back then because it was too much to handle. I do want to reiterate that while I may not have photo or video proof, I do have the testimonies of the witnesses who saw what happened.

— Alleged victim

The alleged victim then shared 3 screenshots of the KakaoTalk messages. These screenshots show conversations between him and two more former middle school classmates. He shared, “The first and second photos show a conversation with the same person. He was a close friend of mine back in middle school. After seeing all the articles, he contacted me.”

Hyunjin bullying screenshot1

Alleged victim: “I was a bullying victim”
Alleged victim: “Because of him”
Friend: “You’re right”
Friend: “If you have something to say, you should send something to JYP”
Friend: “But you don’t have any proof…?”
Alleged victim: “I don’t have anything hahaha”
Friend: “When I saw the news articles, I immediately thought of you”
Alleged victim: “Why would I save any proof when I didn’t know he’d become a celebrity”

Messages continued as follows:

Hyunjin bullying screenshot2

Friend: “When we were going to the library, you told me you needed to stop by your house so I waited for you in the hallway of the apartment”
Friend: “When you left, you told your mom that you loved her and closed the door behind you”
Alleged victim: “Yup”
Friend: “I asked you why you said I love you to your mom at the time. You said it was because you were going through such a difficult time. You kept thinking about how you didn’t know when you’d die so you said it to her often”
Alleged victim: “You’re right. It was so hard back then”
Friend: “I don’t know if it made me really sad back then, but the memory of it is so vivid and I can remember it exactly as it was…”

The victim explained that the next screenshot is with a different classmate. Following screenshot is a conversation with a different friend who was in the same class as me.

Hyunjin bullying screenshot3

Alleged victim: “The time when I was bullied”
Alleged victim: “Do you remember it”
Alleged victim:”I don’t have any friends from the same class”
Classmate: “I don’t remember the bullying, but I do remember when he cursed at you and made fun of all the male classmates with the same name as you”
Classmate: “I remember the male classmates’ reactions”
Classmate: “They couldn’t get mad, but they kept denying everything…all while Hwang Hyunjin was cracking up”

JYP finally broke their silence in the form of Hyunjin’s statement. The statement mentioned that Hyunjin will be halting all his activities as a celebrity as a way to self-reflect. JYP Entertainment also revealed that Hyunjin has since met up with the victim to apologise in person. In simple words, Hyunjin has been suspended from work temporarily but he will not leave Stray Kids (SKZ). Consecutively, Hyunjin posted his handwritten apology on his official Instagram account.

Hyunjin Apology

Hyunjin posted a handwritten statement on Instagram. It says “First of all, I sincerely apologize to those who were hurt by my improper actions during my school years. Looking back on times when I was more lacking, I am embarrassed and have no excuse,” Hyunjin said, according to a translation.

“Whether it was intended or not, I don’t think I can be forgiven at all for giving unforgettable pain to someone,” he continued. 

The rapper Hyunjin was last seen on Mnet’s Kingdom: Legendary War, which aired on April 1. This series was shot before the anonymous person came forward.  

Where is Hyunjin now? Is Hyunjin back to Stray Kids?

At present, Hyunjin is suspended from the Stray Kids. There is no confirmation about when Hyunjin will be returning to the Stray Kids. For now answer for the most asked question on the internet regarding Hyunjin, “Is Hyunjin back to Stray Kids?” is “No“, but fans want him back. His fans are posting comments on his photos on social media saying how much they miss him.

“Hyunjin, we miss you,” read this tweet“. “Please come home soon. Jype, if he wants to, can you please please please let him come back now?”

Fans are sharing pictures of Hyunjin in hopes that either JYP Entertainment might bring him back sooner, or that Hyunjin’s spirts are lifted by the outpouring of love. 

Stray Kids isn’t the same without him as per fans. As Hyunjin has apologised and things has happed in his teen age so we hope everything will be good again and Hyunjin will be back to Stray Kids.

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