Top 5 laptops for college students 2021

Top 5 laptops for college students 2019
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Well,the September is here and is probably the best time to buy a laptop. This is the time in the year when great deals happen. You can start with some of the entry level laptops for students from $200 to $400 but we recommend you to spend a little more on a piece that can last longer and perform better. In this article below we are going to focus on some of the great laptops that can get you through your college life. Most of these may cost $500 or more but trust me they are going to be worth it.

1. HP Chromebook x2

When it was selling around $540. We liked it very much but with the price drop we like it even more. It has a terrific display that has great performance. The best part is the ability to turn it into a tablet. It comes with a stylus and keyboard whereas most of its rivals don’t give them both. It is thin, lightweight and a great responsive touch screen.

2. Acer Nitro 5

If you are looking for a laptop that can double up your gaming experience at this price range. Then you have to buy the Acer Nitro 5. The price is around $650, in the price range you will get respectable graphics which is more than sufficient. It also has various options for a step-up configuration as well. So, it is the one of the best laptops for students.

3. Microsoft Surface Pro 6

The Surface Pro will become a norm for the gadgets that can work both as laptop and tablet. Although these are more of tablets than the laptops, they will serve a great deal for the students as they are very much portable and offer some of the most advance ways to be creative on the go. These two in ones are good for students as they are the best for readers who read online and they are no brainer on the price range.

4. Dell XPS 13

If you are looking for a balance between the power, price and the portability then I don’t know if there is any laptop which is better than Dell XPS 13. Dell is one of the best computer brands in the world. We would definitely recommend this one as it fits all the bills. It is attractive, slim and it has a lot of customization options. I mean it even has a 15-inch version as well. It clearly is a class apart.

5. Lenovo Yoga Chromebook C630

The killer 4k display sets this one apart from the above-mentioned laptops. It is a great laptop with a very attractive price range. The performance of this laptop will blow you away. It is a highly productive for day to day tasks and simply great for viewing some entertainments stuff. If my college was starting tomorrow, I would probably be buying this one right now.

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