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A heated lithium battery can make electric vehicle cheaper for public use


It has been found that Lithium battery can operate at a higher temperature. Moreover, this electric vehicle lithium-ion battery is a safer and cheaper option instead of metal batteries used to run electric cars. 

Today most of the electric car runs on batteries containing cobalt and nickel. However, these batteries with nickel as a base are most likely to get overheated, which can be quite risky. Moreover, they are expensive, and the cobalt-base they contain is a non-renewable source, plus it’s also toxic. 

Replacement of Nickel and cobalt batteries

The best alternative option you get or the better option you get is lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries. These batteries are cheaper and safer but perform poorly in comparison to nickel-based ones. However, Chao-yang Wang, his colleague have shown if you warm up the battery; first, its performance increases to a higher level.

Thus, the team heated the LFP batteries to 60 degrees and maintained this temperature. As a result, the performance of this lithium battery for electric vehicles was much better than the two primary types of nickel-based batteries used by people. LFP batteries at 60 degrees were able to perform better because it had to generate far less extra-added additional heat as they discharged.  

Advantages of LFP

Automotive lithium batteries have many types of benefit over other categories of batteries. The services are as follows:

  • Lithium has a longer life: Super B LFP has a lifespan of up to 5000 cycles at eighty per cent capacity of discharge, without putting any effect on performance. The average electric car battery life you can expect is two years.
  • Maintenance: This battery doesn’t require regular maintenance for extending its service lifespan. Moreover, the battery does not show any memory effect, and because of self-discharge, you can save it separately for a more extended period.
  • Very efficient: LFP has a high capacity. Furthermore, their fast charging and discharge rate make this fit for supporting every type of application. Fast charging lessens downtime and increases working efficiency. 
  • Safety: For achieving a higher degree of protection, high-quality cells are used, which involves the safest technology available up to date. 
  • High temperature: Lithium-ion batteries for Electric Vehicles do not cause any problem in high temperature; it supports a wide temperature range. This feature makes the batteries good fit for supporting various applications that often include extreme temperature. Lithium is the perfect option to run in severe weather. 
  • Lightweight: LFP provides a high-power density support system, making the lithium batteries light and easy to carry. When comparing to lead-acid batteries, lithium offers excellent energy density and half of the usual mass. So, go for lithium if you desire less concern about battery size and weight. 

Wang and his entire team showed that even if you do not charge the batteries frequently and only for just 10 minutes, it can run miles. This feature serves a great advantage to many. 


The team is still working on science and technology of the batteries to drive the cost down and improve its rechargeability feature and safety. Moreover, the team is partnering with car and battery a producer that uses LFP batteries in electric cars or vehicles. 

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