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Neflairs launched a new Image Background Remover based on AI Technology named Slazzer


Neflairs Technology is an up-and-coming new information technology and services company that is recently growing to power. Based in India and Canada, this company is slowly but surely making strides in the field of quality software development. In fact, it recently launched its first product with an AI-controlled technology named Slazzer.

The aim of this application is simple; the app detects image backgrounds and automatically deletes them. Here, the users do not need to manually make any changes, which for many people is highly valuable. So, it is no surprise why the demand for this app is increasing in the global market.

What is AI Technology based background remover Slazzer?

Netflairs Technology produced this Android App for business owners, and individuals can use it for personal reasons as well. As for the power behind this application, it is a Visual AI or Artificial Intelligence. Using this, the app can scan the images effectively and achieve their intended purpose.

Moreover, this app is the brainchild of technology expert Mr. Deep Sircar. 

The basic technology

In real life, people can visually see and understand what is the foreground and the background of a particular picture. However, most software cannot do so as easily. In this concern, the AI technology in Slazzer can automatically note down the differences when it scans an image.

For this, the developer built the ability to perform complicated computations within the app. Thereafter, the app checks and figures out which parts are important to keep and which is the background. After making this distinction, the app automatically removes the background within 5 seconds maximum. Thereafter, users retain the foreground, which they can later use for their personal uses.

Most people who do work in visual editing and video editing, both for professional and personal use, can use this app. Also, other developers can further integrate this with their own applications quite easily.

Notable features of the app

There are some particular features present in this app from Netflairs Technology. They are mentioned below.

  • Bulk processing- Slazzer can easily process more than one image and remove their backgrounds. Thus, those who need it for editing bulk images can finish their work quickly.
  • Simple to use– The interface and functionality of this application are very simple. Owing to that, almost anyone can utilize it for their own needs.
  • Multiple system availability- A good thing about this application is that people can install and use it on their desktop. Plus, those who prefer to work on-the-go can avail of their app version. This is very valuable for many people. Not to mention, Plugins also make the connectivity of this app easier; thus, people can use it on other devices.
  • Integrates with other applications- Different developers can integrate the API of Slazzer with other applications.
  • Extra solutions– One of the most useful benefits of this application is the availability of Enterprise level solutions.
  • Free previews- Many users may not know how to utilize such software beforehand. Luckily, the app contains free previews. So, those who are at the beginner level can easily use these unlimited previews for better performance.

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