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Acer swift 3x: a well pleased unboxing

Credit: Acer
Credit: Acer

Laptops with comfortable specifications depending on the Intel’s latest gen core CPUs have been in the market since long but finally it’s launched in India as the acer swift 3x. With its features of a 14 inches screen, extra slimness and light weight. It also includes Iris Xe Max which is a particular type of GPU that wasn’t available in the Market for a long time. Other than that it also consists of Intel’s exclusive 11th Generation CPU.

Along with a wide range of features that the acer swift 3x provides, the acer it also Claims to guarantee consistent battery life, strong output performance and good wire and wireless connectivity.

Design of acer swift 3x

The light Weight of 1.37kg is well managed and spread all over the laptop which makes it comfortable enough to carry. Its side measurement of 17.9mm is pretty compact to adjust in any backpack. The  slim bezels on the size of the display makes the dimension of the laptop compatible. Thus, it is comfortably portable.

The laptop looks quite posh and exclusive externally because of its metal body finish, but also the black plastic border around the display minimizes the posh exterior. However, the model safety is ensured by the metal lid and also the keyboard area is without any curve which makes the body sturdy. 

The blue coloured model along with the tinges of teal colour along the border looks quite extraordinary. It is also available in the safari gold colour trim. Exterior and interior gadgets like headphone jack, HDMI, two USB 3.0 ports and a usb type-C port with thunderbolt 4 are well adjusted within the thick base of the laptop.

It supports connection for up to 4k – 8k display. One can charge it with a type c usb although it has a thin pin charging port. However, it is a little unacceptable that it does not have a SD card slot. Also, the adapter pin needs too much work when it is connected to the laptop.

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How comfortable is the laptop?

The style of the laptop makes the system quite comfortable to work with as it elevates the base at a slight inclination when opened. Besides, there are openings on the base as well as on the surface of the laptop to ensure proper ventilation.

It is time consuming to get used to the styled keyboard. Fast typing is also restricted as the keys are not contoured and it is also not large enough.The direction keys are not well visible as they are very much flattened and the pg up and pg down keys are situated too close to each other which makes typing a bit complicated.

It has a broad touchpad and not as good as a glass touchpad. The sensitivity and the perfection lags a bit behind. For window hello validation, there is the facility of fingerprint sensors.

The brightness of the laptop is sufficient, tuning it to 30%. With a 14 inch IPS display and a full hd resolution, the laptop promised a well to do maximum brightness of 300nits which is more than enough.

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