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How to make use of the new features on Instagram?

new features added on Instagram in 2021
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Keeping with the changes in the social network is a challenge in today’s world where there are updates on a weekly basis. The marketing strategy of the social media also changes with the updates available. There are billions of users of Instagram and there are full packed features in Instagram latest version which keeps on changing constantly so that the evolution of the social space is kept up.

Let us have a look at the more recent addition to the instagram platform.

New features on Instagram

There are tons of update released in Instagram app in the last couple of years. Some of the important changes are mentioned-below which are for marketing experts and businesses.

  • Stories stickers continues to grow:

There are many dynamic stickers getting updated on a daily basis for the stories. They have the functions like countdowns and polls and are also becoming very common for the users of the platform. Therefore, Instagram keeps on adding new stickers. These stickers are great for the interactive stories.

  • AR features for shopping

Some of the selected brands get the privilege to test new shopping features on Instagram. These features uses the augmented reality filters that users are familiar with the Instagram stories and posts and also some other platforms so that they can try on products as well as shop them.

  • Messaging grows with the help of thread: with the help of thread, one can connect his/her “close friends” list from the Instagram with Instagram messaging feature. This feature helps to gain a deeper analysis of the growth of the app from determining when Instagram users want to have a small personal conversation against when they want to engage in an extended market centered messaging. This feature is more concerned with a smaller group of people facilitating personal and small scare messaging.  It is a stand alone app which broadens the perspective of messaging and brings along extra features and assistance.
  • Video feature: this feature allows 60 mins additional long video other than everything similar to the Instagram app. One can post regular pictures by tagging your location, adding captions and filters before sharing it in social media.  Compared to posting photos on Instagram, traffic is created more by posting videos on Instagram. The doubt to post more contents on Instagram is determined by the new feature of Instagram which analyse the engagement of the users and track the traffic rates. This is beneficial for huge brands who are targeting for customers online. Whether to post more photos or videos and how it is affecting the brand.

The bottom line:

The new features of instagram keep up with the competition and demands of the customer. They get ample of benefits from the new features.

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