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5 best cooking games for Xbox One. The Xbox One line is Microsoft's home video game console launched in the year 2013.

In May 2013, Microsoft first announced the prodigious home video game console, the Xbox One line. It is the successor of Xbox 360, which is the third base console in the amazing Xbox series of video game consoles. In this article we will be discussing about the 5 best cooking games for Xbox One.

Xbox one comes with an all-in-one entertainment system. It includes different games like Forza Horizon 2, Halo and the Master Chef collection. If you are very much into cooking games, you must try the games we suggest here. They are the top cooking games that will make you hungry while playing them. We are sure it will force you to go to the fridge for some snacking. Apart from this, another fun direction it can send you is to become the next master chef. While playing the game, you will get the chill of cooking in a fancy restaurant. Plus, you also don’t have to do the boring dishes. 

In addition, the game also gives you challenges while you are cooking. It is to improve your multitasking skills and get new cooking ideas. So without any further ado, let’s look at the games which you can play. 

Top five xbox one cooking games:

The following are the 5 best cooking games for Xbox One that you must not miss out to play on your Xbox One:

2. Overcooked

best cooking games for Xbox : overcooked

Overcooked is the best xbox one cooking games and you should try on Xbox1. This game gives you the option of sharing your experience of your chaotic couch co-op game with your partner or friends while playing it. With this game, you will get to feel what it’s like to be a real chef. You will experience it as you feel all the tension of preparing the customers’ orders in a rush.

But on top of this, there is a twist. You have to complete challenging tasks by not making mistakes because cooking is the only way to save the Onion Kingdom from threat. So consider it and get ready to experience all the bizarre and unusual kitchen situation. Make yourself the ultimate chef. 

2. Cook, Serve, Delicious 2

best cooking games for Xbox : Delicious 2

We give 2nd position to the “Cook, Serve, Delicious 2” in the 5 best cooking games for Xbox One. This game is the most intense and visually stunning game of all. In this cooking experience, you will get control of the entire restaurant. Your journey will start from a regular opening day at a platinum star restaurant just as you deserve based on your impressive skills. But the arrival of police will make your day challenging and a memorable one by breaking all the peace.

However, the tragedy does not end here to spice up things SherriSoda Tower executives are involved in some shady business, and there is a price to pay. Cook, Serve, Delicious restaurant is going to close. But as you are unstoppable, you will try your 100 per cent to continue to live your passion and open a restaurant from ground level. 

3. Minecraft

best xbox one cooking game - Minecraft

Third best xbox one cooking game is Minecraft. You might find this one a little odd, but in Minecraft, food is what keeps the character going. It is what gives them life. Cooking in Minecraft is somewhat similar to real-life cooking. Before cooking something, you need to know the benefits of the food. It is to ensure no one gets harm because of it. It will give you knowledge of all the ingredients that are good for health. Also, how you can use them in your dishes to enhance its taste. In addition, it will also give you experience on how to put effort into preparing meals and make it less mechanical. 

4. Don’t starve together: Console edition

best xbox one cooking games - Don't starve together: Console edition

If you are more into foreign, exotic and surprising ingredients, you might like this game better than the others. Here you will have to gather different resources to be alive. You will get different surviving tools but without any manual. So besides surviving in this cruel world, you will have to make food and preserve them. 

5. Cooking-Stardew Valley

best xbox one cooking games - Cooking Stardew Valley

Stardew is one of the best xbox one cooking games so we have mention in our list. Have you listened to the famous story of the main character who has come to build a new life with only limited resources and has only one shot at doing it? Do you want to experience one? Then you can join this game. In this game, you will play the role of the inheritor of an old farm situated in Stardew Valley, which your grandfather has left for you. But life won’t be easy as you have to learn how to use the tools by yourself, grow crops, raise an animal, and work to make the place vibrant again. 

The above games are the 5 best cooking games for Xbox One and super fun to play that will also help you learn real-life experiences. So do not forget to play these cooking games on your Xbox One

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