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Jio GigaFiber update


Godspeed is the only phenomena that we can say to describe the upcoming project of Reliance Jio to make India as fast as possible. In the term of Internet speed all over the country which is titled as one of the slowest internet speed nation but sit back relax with the recent announcement that the Reliance jio will officially launch its Jio GigaFiber on 5th of September whole nation was in the state of pure shock because what they have announced was pretty mind boggling we will give you the full expected details of it.

– The starting plan of Jio GigaFiber is from Rs 700 per month with a whooping speed of 100Mbps.

– You don’t only get the internet but a landline connection too with some tv services.

– If you can spend more money on your Internet JioGigaFiber will give you more speed yes one hell of a speed 1Gbps you read it right 1Gbps is crazy fast.

Availability of JioGigaFiber currently is in major Indian cities if you are living in Mumbai, Jaipur, Jamshedpur,  Delhi, Kolkata,Varanasi,Lucknow, Meerut, Surat, Noida, Chennai, Vadodara, Hyderabad, Ghaziabad, Vizag,Haridwar, Gaya, Patna, Port Blair, Punjab &Bhubaneshwar the chances are you already can register to JioGigaFiber pretty easily because they already are in the list. If you want to find out that yur area is eligible for this service just go to this link and register you name area location and details of your adress so that way Jio customer care will message or call you if that service is available in your area and more details is yet to available on 5th of september when they will oficially roll out JioGigaFiber.

Not only this, on Reliance annual press conference they have even announced to give free 4k hd setup box & tv with the JioGigaFiber plan but I guess that is for premium customers whose plan is around Rs10000 that gives speed upto 1Gbps not only this they have even announced reliance Jio’s official AR & VR tools from which you can play games at lesser ping & good resolution of movies & videos at the comfort of your bed and room. You won’t believe what they said for their plans after a year FIRST DAY FIRST SHOW for every  or any movie that will launch on theaters near to you with JioGigaFiber plans you can watch them in the comfort of your home or couch yes it seems pretty impossible that the next Avenger movie has launched and you are watching that in your home with all your gang but who knows after all MR. Mukesh Ambani is India’s richest man he can do whatever he wants with all that huge loads of money.

Thanks for reading our article see you on 5th of September.

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