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The Road Testing of Vision-S Prototype from Sony has Already Begun

The Sony Vision-S Prototype EV unveiled at CES 2020. (Image Source: AFP Relaxnews)
The Sony Vision-S Prototype EV unveiled at CES 2020. (Image Source: AFP Relaxnews)

The highly-anticipated conception of the Vision–S prototype from Sony was unveiled last year at CES 2020. However, due to the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, further explanation of the project was halted by Sony itself. Nonetheless, the organization did not stop with the development of the project and was confident about turning the dream into reality. It is quite safe to say that Sony has, indeed, put everything on the right track, even amidst the calamity.

At the CES 2021, Sony had finally revealed its future plan regarding the Vision-S prototype. They had also announced that the road-testing of the vehicle had already begun in the month of December. However, unlike what most people thought, the organization denoted the European continent to be their testing destination. However, Sony did not stop with the grand announcement. Besides, it had also shared a video of the live testing schedule.

Sony has always been one of the pioneers in the world of technology. The company, previously, had conquered the segment of smartphones and television. Thus, now, it intended to evolve the universe of automobiles as well. According to Sony, the Vision-S has already arrived at a revolutionary stage of vehicles and wants to do more than the regular four-wheeler. The safety modules, audio technology, and sensing capabilities of the car have also been polished to work even during adverse conditions.

The fundamental features of the car, too, seem to be pretty advanced than most vehicles currently available in the market. It boasts a dual 200kW engine set-up, which seems to be extremely powerful and efficient. According to Sony, it can offer an excellent on-road and off-road performance to riders of almost any age. Moreover, the organization has also proclaimed the model can accelerate from 0 mph to 62 mph within only 4.8 seconds. The latest EV platform of the Vehicle is quite flexible and, thus, can be used as a coupe too.

The sensor system of the four-wheeler has been modified as well. In the recent update, Sony has amplified the total number of sensors in the vehicle to offer a 360-degree awareness for the driver. They are currently experimenting with the same to improve their overall capabilities even more and offer an all-round performance.

As per the latest leaks, the display section has five different card-sized tiles, which will provide insights on – settings, camera, navigation, video, and music. There are several other advanced features, such as 5G connectivity, gesture control, voice assistance, and many more. Hopefully, Sony will update the car even more favorably before finally launching it!

In essence, the testing of the model is still ongoing. But, as per the revelation of its features, it seems like the car has already become a road-ready prototype, waiting to be launched soon. Nonetheless, Sony is staying true to their “be patient” person to the core. The organization wants to do more testing on the car to find out its technical and fundamental errors to proffer an unparalleled driving experience for everyone.

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