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The basic updated features of the zoom app

Credit: Zoom app logo
Credit: Zoom app logo

In the coronavirus pandemic situation, where people were home-trapped and bound to continue work from home, The zoom app became popular. Zoom app is regarded as one of the most updated and user-friendly video conferencing app that ever launched before, and yet again, it left no stones unturned to stand out with its time-to-time new features among the competitors in the market.

  • Increased control

A pop-up is featured, which will show you the people who are in waiting in the room. They will be detectable outside the group of participants, which will help the host understand if someone is willing to join the meeting. Even if the window is minimized or the screen is being shared, the feature will be active in the background. The host will be able to be pass on a zoom phone call to any meeting conducted in the zoom app by sharing the id of the personal session, URL of the meeting or a calendar event.

  • Various filters

Following the trend of introducing various funky filters, zoom also walked in the path of the trend by launching filters like eyepatch, moustache and bunny. Though this feature is not helpful while conducting an official meeting in the zoom app, it is more recommended while having a casual video chat with friends and families. There is a wide range of filters that can be accessible by the user.

  • The manner of presentation

The picture in picture mode is supported by the zoom app, where the user will be capable of displaying a keynote or a PowerPoint presentation as a compelling background. Instead of mailing the production, the user can present it on a zoom meeting and can drag or place the video to any part of the slide.

  • Advanced brightness

Sometimes the natural light is not enough in a meeting. The webcams of the laptops do not hold enough light to brighten up the video. This is where this feature of the zoom app comes in handy as it assists you to brighten up the video automatically. The video setting has an option of “adjust for low light”,, which when clicked, can increase the brightness according to your preference. Besides, smartphone cameras give access to the ‘skin smoothing’ feature, which helps with the unique appearance.

  • Video reaction

By clicking the reaction button, one can easily send reactions to comments in the form of emojis such as laugh, celebrate or heart during live conversation

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