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Want to know about the redesigned Facebook Pages? Here are five new features added

Image by Simon from Pixabay
Image by Simon from Pixabay

There is a new look of the Facebook pages along with the five new features that have been added for marketers and businesses to add. A redesigned layout is what Facebook is rolling for the pages along with all the new features to help the community of the foster builds as well as achieve objectives of the business. One of the most notable changes of the Facebook page layouts is what the followers are emphasising over the number of likes. Users can no longer see the number of likes on the Facebook page they have received. Instead of that, users will be able to see the number of followers on the page.

One of the arguable metrics in the Facebook community is the number of followers. It is undoubtedly important for the Page admins because it anyhow refers to the total number of people signing up for receiving updates from the particular page. Another alteration of Page layouts makes it simple for the users to see what is going through and who is running it. More accessible is the bios of page managers. These are basically the main changes that are considered for the users. Now let us have a look at all the new features for marketers and businesses

  1. Dedicated news feed

It is good news for the page managers, as for the very first time, the page managers will be able to view a dedicated News Feed. It will be completely separated from the page manager’s personal feed. According to the announcement, Facebook is trying to bring the News Feed’s power to the pages for the first time. Now pages will be able to discover and join conversations, interact with peers, follow the latest trends, and engage themselves with fans.

On the other hand, you can also discover that the news feed for pages will be able to suggest new connections such as pages, public figures and groups for contents that are trending and will be shown in the News Feed also.

Another good news piece for the fans is they will be encouraged more for a proper engagement from Pages. All the comments from the available at the top of the comment section. This will eventually allow pages to be visible even more to a wider section of the audience. The pages will be followed by the users directly from the comment sections.

2. Easy account switching

Now it’s time for the admins! Well, Facebook is making it much easier for the pages’ admins to navigate between their personal life and their page using switcher. One can have access to this feature by tapping on the icon, which represents three lines on the left side of the bottom of the navigation bar. Also, at the top screen, you will be able to see your personal profile and the page that you have. You can tap at one or the other for switching in between them.

3. Page management tools are improved

Facebook has also introduced task-based admins controls to all the Pages. It helps to grant the ability to assign permissions that is based on some specific tasks. Admins have the opportunity to assign varying levels of access so as to manage some tasks such as content, ads, insights and messages or community activity.

4. Actionable insights

It is according to Facebook that it is bringing insights that are more actionable for the Pages. According to a help page, the feature of update insights will help the admins to understand its audience and how the contents on the pages are performing. More relevant notifications are being included because of the improvements made to the Page insights. 

5. Integrity and safety features

The ability to detect activity is improved by Facebook, which does not allow anything on the platform that is bad for society, such as violence, hate speech, spammy or sexual content and impersonation. As part of Facebook’s efforts, it is making a badge that is blue verified as is more visible. It will make it much easier for all the users to identify comments and posts from authentic profiles and pages.

The bottom line

Users must also know that none of the old features other than the public counts are getting removed from Facebook pages. Admins can have quick access to almost everything that they did previously. 

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