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New updates from FAU-G Fearless And United Guards

FAU-G fearless and united guards is the new game of mobile action by nCore Games. Know about the new feature or updates of FAU G game.

FAUG which is the short form of Fearless And United Guards is the new game of mobile action by nCore Games. This is also considered as the rival of the PUBG Mobile India which is banned. FAU-G fearless and united guards had already crossed more than five million downloads on the Google Play Store. Actor Akshay Kumar launched the FAUG game a few days ago on Republic Day. Since then the game has already become one of the top free games on the renowned Google Play. 

FAUG had the story mode which does not have any weapons but has a game play of the brawler-style. The first storyline of the game is based in the Ladakh Galwan Valley. This is the site where an aggressive standoff has taken place previous year between the Chinese and Indian soldiers. 

There are many users whose reviews and comments are clearly indicating the comparison of FAUG with the aspects of the battle royale of PUBG Mobile India and many other advanced features. The co-founder of nCore, who is also the CEO, Vishal Gonadal has teased by saying that very soon players can very soon players of the game can expect the mode of battle royale, gubs, multiplayer mode and battle pass. 

Android users can download FAUG from the Google Play Store. FAU G fearless and united guards download apk is the second way to install it if you don’t want to install it from playstore.

There are four new features that the user can enjoy in the future updated FAUG. 

  1. Battle Royale Mode

The CEO has clarified that FAUG is not a clone of the banned PUBG. it will have new features of the battle royale mode very soon. The CEO talked about some of the features in FAUG earlier in the trailer but did not release the features in the game on the day of the launch. As of now, the game starts with the story mode. This mode allows co-operative game play as well as single-player only. 

According to Vishal Gondal, the story mode is the first one and then the team is hoping to launch more new features and updates over the next six months to eight months of the launch. 

fau g fearless and united guards

2. Guns

According to the agreement of India-China, there must be no guns in the Galwan Valley. Therefore FAUG will not have any guns due to this agreement. The nCore Games does not have any plan to add the features of guns in the game at this point. But it is for sure that guns will not be available in the Galwan Valley. It will be one of the parts of the game in some other map. 

3. Multiplayer mode

This is one of the modes that will also have some of the exciting features in FAUG. The company has already confirmed that the combats of multiplayer are going to be coming soon. It is not at all clear whether this mode will be a part of the Galwan Valley campaigns or is restricted to the battle royale mode only. 

fau g fearless and united guards

4. Battle Pass

When FAU-G will get an update, the feature of the battle pass will be available. But the feature is still  not there yet. This pass is the kind of approach of monetisation that tends to reward exclusively. Some of the rewards are character skins.  

The bottom line

Users will get the chance to enjoy once these new features are updated in the future FAU-G fearless and united guards.

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