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What are the new features added on Instagram in 2021?

new features added on Instagram in 2021
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Instagram has been one of the most noteworthy social media platforms in the world. It has more than 1 billion users and is known for generating the highest rates of engagement. Most of the celebs, politicians and sports personalities are on Instagram now. They have millions of the followers on Instagram. Here is an article about the world’s famous top 10 most followed footballers on Instagram with their official accounts. So, this platform is not only known to be growing, but it is also evolving. It would be pretty challenging to keep track of all the alterations occurring in the application. That is why let’s talk about the new features added on Instagram in 2021 that have been rolling out in recent times. 

  • Professional dashboard

In the initial days of 2021, Instagram had launched a new tab which is known to be the Professional Dashboard. The user may think of it to be the main dashboard that is existing in the application. You will also find the primary resources and tools inside the latest updates features of the instagram. Some of the main tools and resources are:

  • Saved replies
  • Promotions
  • Overall performance of the account
  • Instagram insights
  • Instagram shopping
  • Branded approvals of the content

The above mentioned are the updated resources and tools. 

  • Suggested posts

In 2020 August, the feature of suggested posts is introduced by Instagram. Once the user is done scrolling all the recent posts of the particular accounts that he/she follows, the user will also start to see the suggested posts. It will be solely based on what the user follows and what the user likes. Many instagram users are infuriated by this new feature of Instagram, mainly because of the suggested posts’ intrusiveness. Unfortunately, suggested posts cannot be turned off. All one needs to do is inform the users about the specific positions that the user is not interested in on Instagram. To inform, one needs to tap the three dots located on the top of the post and then click on the option “Not interested.” In this way, IG will be able to target their suggestions more conveniently.

  • Donation sticker

This sticker in the story feature allows all the nonprofits to receive the entire 100% of the money that the user raises by selecting the nonprofit organization for the people they want to donate.

  • Challenge sticker

Internet challenges have taken a new height because a large number of people have started this year by being at home. This sticker mainly allows one to join the challenges, which the user can name with the hashtag to make the stickers more and more recognizable, and also it helps to increase the reach. This also allows us to nominate other users as well.

  • DM Me sticker

The DM Me Sticker is newly introduced on Instagram. It helps in promoting the messaging interactions. From the perspective of a brand, the DM Me sticker helps showcase the brand’s product with a particular CTA to get more information or something more along the lines. This will, in turn, assist in driving more direct discussions and is another specific consideration to keep in mind. So, it was all about the latest features added on Instagram in 2021. Hope you liked the article.

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