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New features of Instagram that you must know

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Facebook has recently merged its feature of Messenger instant messaging platform with Instagram’s Direct Messages. This amalgamate of instagram new features allows users to have one messaging platform. Now You can message from your insta account to Facebook friends and also inversely. The company has come out with multiple features, including disappearing messages, selfie stickers, reactions, chat colors, and more to Instagram. Some of the updated features that Facebook has added or will be adding soon to Instagram DMs with Messenger Integration are as follows. Users will get benefits from all these new features.

Contacting Facebook friends from Instagram and vice versa

Now You can get connected with your Facebook friends through instagram and vice versa. Account users having messenger or Instagram can reach each other through text calls and video calls. So now no need to have multiple apps. You can reach out to your dear ones through one app only.

Watch Together

As both instagram and messenger got merged, the company has added extra features of Watch Together. It allows users to witness videos on Facebook Watch, IGTV, movies, and more with their contacts throughout a video call. You can get entertained through this feature once you install the updated version of the app.

Disappearing Messages

A new feature was also added, which has got users attention, The new “vanishing mode” features. This feature allows users to send messages that shall disappear once seen or when the chat is closed, just like snapchat messages. Indeed this helps to maintain privacy.

Selfie Stickers and custom emoji

Another eye-catching update of instagram is its selfie stickers and custom emoji. We all like to put stickers and emojis while conversing with others . from now on, you can use your favorite picture of yours or others to make stickers. Moreover, you can add text to them. The app allows users to create their stickers from their selfies and customize their emoji sets, which can be accessed from a custom shortcut. These cute emojis and stickers can be used to make your conversation interesting.

Chat personalization

Added to this, now all instagram users can customize their chat windows with color gradients and much more. As similar to WhatsApp, you can choose the color of your wish for your window.  It gives access to personalize chat windows individually or together.

Forwarding messages

From now on, with the new update of instagram, you can share and forward messages to up to five users by using the chat window. Previously there were no such options, but now you can share your compelling message with your dear ones.

Message reply

 Instagram gives priority to one whom you give priority, similar to WhatsApp and telegram now netizens can select and reply to specific messages. There will be a showcase of the original message inside of a box atop their answer message.

Animated effect messages

To make Chat conversation more joyful, instagram has now upgraded itself to allow users to send and receive animated send effects.

Message controls

Instagram has always been important to its customers’ privacy.  With the new update of the app, the builders had increased the security of chats. A Message controls feature has been launched by Facebook, allowing users to select by whom they can receive messages directly and who cannot.  Moreover, It also allows them to choose which messages go into which components of the inbox. You will also be able to determine if contact can message them at all or not.

Instagram allowed all these new features because they can attract more users at the same time the existing users can also get a lot of help from all the updated features. All these features are available on instagram latest version.

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